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As DAHS continues to take the lives of more animals than any other animal shelter in Virginia, the Danville City Council has paid DAHS almost $600,000 since FY 2016 to do so. 

City of Danville

Payments to DAHS by year





Why is the Danville City Council continuing to provide funding to an organization that, when compared to the other 161 private and public animal shelters, consistently euthanizes more cats and dogs than 95% of the other shelters?

Why does the Danville City Council accept the repeated claims by DAHS representatives that Danville and DAHS are different and face obstacles and barriers that they allege other jurisdictions do not?

Why is DAHS permitted to continue to secure a contract without lifesaving outcomes and performance measures included? 

Just 20 minutes away is the Pittsylvania Pet Center, where intake is higher, transfers are higher and euthanasia is drastically lower.

Contact the Danville City Council and tell them

  • that you do not want your tax dollars supporting the mass euthanasia of animals in Danville when lifesaving opportunities are available.
  • that they need to hold DAHS accountable and include performance measures focused on lifesaving outcomes in any contracts going forward.
  • to issue an RFP* for the management of the city animal shelter and animal control to allow organizations focused on lifesaving outcomes to bid.
Tell them the animals deserve better.
The taxpayers deserve better.

DAHS Leader Repeatedly Turns Away Life-Saving Help

Refusals to Improve Detailed in Letter to Board of Directors

Other successful rescue groups have tried to provide proven solutions -- at no cost to DAHS -- including

  • a neonatal kitten foster program & training
  • a puppies & kittens foster program
  • free in-house training and support on best practices for shelter cleaning protocols
  • the acceptance of animal transfers

DAHS' leader instead chose the status quo, continuing practices that endanger and kill animals -- especially vulnerable and young ones. And obscure the facts from the board of directors and city council who oversee the shelter.

It is time to shine a light on the truth and start saving these animals.


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"Stop the Killing - Danville Area Humane Society"


The time for change is NOW!

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